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Hen Nights

What In The Press Again !!

There was mass hysteria in York on July 24th when top David Beckham lookalike Paul Mansley joined 11 party girls on a wild hen night.
Paul was picked up by Limousine at York train station where newspaper photographers were waiting to snap the look-alike in the back of the Limo with the hen party.
The Limousine took the hen party to the Pitcher & Piano in the centre of town where David Beckham aka Paul Mansley helped each one out of the Limo in front of amazed onlookers.
An evening was spent in the private room at the top of the Pitcher and Piano mixing and mingling till the early hours!!

Take a look below at Paul Mansley in the back of the Limousine with the Hen Party.

This press release was published on 08 Aug 2003

Justin Timberlake (aka Anthony)
(aka Ray Wade)
Robbie Williams (aka Lee Geary)    

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